Meet Swedish Startups is a video podcast project aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning among the startups and inspire young people to become entrepreneurs. This is done by interviewing interesting and purposeful startups and sharing those interviews on our website and social media channels.

All production and publishing processes around Meet Swedish Startups are very clear and well documented, therefore the transition to a new owner and project coordinator will be very smooth.

All you have to do is meeting the startups for the interviews (or find an interviewer) and everything else is taken care for:
- ready-made set of questions to be asked during the interview,
- professional video-maker in Stockholm who will come and take care of all the technical aspects during filming (video, sound, setting etc) 300 SEK/video
- two online freelancer video-editors who know how exactly to use the raw material and transform it into final videos. 700 SEK/video
- online freelancer who takes care of social media posts writing and publishing 300 SEK/video
- database of startups to be interviewed and startups who requested to be interviewed.

- A registered and profitable company (Aktiebolag) Meet Swedish Startups AB (org. nr.:559191-1754)
- All filming equipment:
* 3 cameras (Canon 7D, Canon 70D, Lumix FZ45
* 3 different camera objectives: Canon 18-55mm, Canon 50mm, Canon 24mm.
* 3 SD cards: 128GB, 64 GB, 64GB and one CompactFlash card for 16 GB
* 2 tripods and one Gorilla pod for the cameras
* 3 soft-box lights with statives
* One camera top microphone and 3 lapel microphones
* Camera battery chargers and extra battery
* Large camera bag, small camera bag, trolley bag for the whole equipment
- The and domain names paid until August 2020
- The website with paid hosting until August 2020
- The G-suite account and two email accounts paid until August 2020
- Social media accounts (Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Instagram account, YouTube channel)
- The database of interviewed startups and other potential startups to interview
- The free accounting software and all accounting done so far
- Marketing documentation with publishing templates , and accounts, Meet Swedish Startups hoodies, T-shirts, stickers
- Intellectual Property rights for all existing (24) interviews and all digital content.

I want to make sure that this project will continue living and that it will be acquired by someone as passionate about startups and knowledge sharing as me. If you are the one I look forward to hearing from you.

Cristina Gadibadi

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