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Inlagd: 24 jan. 14:29
Mentoring / Coaching for Programming
500 kr
You want to learn programming but don't know where to start? Or you are already studying but feel stuck on an assignment and need some help find the right direction? Or maybe you are not a programmer but need some programming for your job or studies and you are in the dark? I am here to help you overcome your current challenge. With a Master degree in Computer Science and close to 10 years in the industry, I have learned a lot and chances are, I will be able to help you move forward. I love to work with people that are motivated and willing to learn. I usually work through skype, in one hour session. After hearing your problem, and if I feel qualified to help you, we will work our way through the code together. I will show you methods that you can use to solve problems, helps you navigate documentation, give you feedback on your code, explaining some background that you might be missing, etc... Usually I will also give you an assignment that will help you move towards a solution. I don't solve your problems but give you the tools to solve them yourself, so you can become autonomous. Sounds good? Or still not sure if it's for you? First session is for free, for you to see the benefit of coaching. Here is some areas where I can help: * Theoretical background. I can teach you some theoretical concepts such as OOP, Multithreading, Client/Server Architecture, etc... That will help you get a better picture of the problem and know where to go from there. * Debugging. I have an extensive experience debugging code. In Java, C++, Javascript, Python and more... Debugging with the help of an experienced programmer can be invaluable as you will see how a problem can be tackled efficiently. * Language specifics. If you are learning a language that I have mastered, I can teach you the fundamental concepts and point you to useful resources. * Algorithms. Many self taught programmers are sufficiently literate in a language but somehow struggle with algorithms. I have experience teaching algorithm classes at the university and have used them a lot in my work so I can help you improve your algorithmic skills. * Feedback on code. I have written and read a lot of code, in many languages. I can tell in a minute how well the code is structured and how improving the structure itself can make the problem much more simple. If you feel like your code is getting too messy, I can teach you how to fix that and boost your performance. * Productivity and soft skills. Programming is one thing but to be successful in the industry, you need other skills. How to prepare for an interview. How to work in team. * Expertise in C++, Games and Graphics. I consider myself a generalist but I have a strong specialisation in Games and Graphics. My last employer was Massive Entertainment where I worked on the 3D engine Snowdrop. If you are stuck and think you can use a push, give me a call me. It might save you a few days of work!
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