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Inlagd: 21 okt. 07:22
Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Black M1800R
5 994 kr
Ordinarie pris 6660:- Just nu: 4795+Moms = 5994:- Ink moms Bästa alternativet till din M1800R, för andra modeller ring för pris och lev tid Cobra's PowrPro Black Fuel Tuner is only suitable for machines equipped with a full exhaust system and/or air intake kit. This tuner is not suitable for use on stock motorcycles or even bikes with a slip-on exhaust. An improved version of the original Cobra PowrPro fuel tuner, uses the latest accelerometer enabled software for precise real-time tuning. The tuner uses faster smart chip and accelerometer technology to continuously read the bike's EFI delivery every time the motorcycle accelerates in order to optimize the air/fuel mixture for the best performance. With Cobra's patent-pending Continuously Variable Tuning (CVT)technology, the PowerPro Black makes motorcycle fuel-injection tuning a snap with the option for fine-tuning non-acceleration fuel via Bluetooth technology and a smart phone-based app. Should you need to adjust your bike's air/fuel ratio outside of the acceleration area, you can do that with your smart device. Simply go to your app store and search for the Power Pro Black app. Simple instructions on the app will guide you through the available tuning options. Through the PowrPro Black app you will be able to: Monitor the injector duty cycle to determine fuel injector performance Add fuel for specific engine modifications tuning the low RPM and cruising fuel zones Evaluate and monitor how much fuel the unit adds in specific tuning zones with a circular graph as well as light across the bottom of the screen Take fuel away for specific tuning requirements View RPM in real time Simple reset tools allows you to return the unit to its stock settings Advancements in circuit boards and accelerometers have made it possible to do things today not possible just a few years ago in the art and science of controlling fuel mixture through remote adjustments. Older so-called auto-tune systems rely on O2 sensors that must be installed in the exhaust to adjust the air/fuel ratio according to a preset map, but varying conditions can render that EFI mapping less than ideal. And regardless of how many dyno runs you perform, you always end up with only one EFI map which may not provide the optimum setting for the way you'll be riding tomorrow, next month or next year. Unlike other systems, PowrPro Black offers plug-in performance: no bungs, no oxygen sensors, no computer hook-ups or downloads, no sorting through a bewildering array of EFI maps to find one that's just right. And there is no need to run the bike on the dyno to tune or verify tuning settings. Simply plug the PowrPro into your bike's existing wiring harness and immediately enjoy continuously variable tuning as PowrPro Black delivers the optimum fuel mixture instantly and dynamically.
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