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Adria Twin 640 SLX *Alde-värme*, air cushioned, ,,(for 2017)

525 000 kr
Many added extras, excellent condition, with full documentation. We can also send you more pictures. We offer our Ducato husbil in Sweden that I imported myself for 2017, because the superior Swedish ALDE heating quality is not available in Germany, and camping van drivers simply don't know it there. Highlights * https://www.alde.se/alde-varmesystem/ (gas & 230V, radiators+underfloor, heating mat in driver's cabin) * Air cushion suspension (technically up to 3850kg) * Two pressured-air operated, air-cushioned, adjustable truck seats https://www.isri.com/en/our-products/seat-systems * Bicycle carrier that can be swung away with bikes mounted (to open the rear doors). * External air conditioning (mountable to the separate carrier on the rear door in the summer) * SOG toilet system that eliminates odors & makes the chemicals obsolete (https://www.sog-systeme.de på svenska: https://images.siteface.net/siteface//CMS/95/Navi/SOG-Products-S.pdf) * Custom made crossbar under the bed to replace the divider to the trunk, allows access from the inside * Front (obscuration) roller blinds with widened view onto right side mirror. * Air deflector on roof that reduces the noise (https://functional-design.de/dachspoiler-eurochassis-for-all.html) * TV * Rain gutter over sliding door * Deep cycle *AGM* battery (living room) + controller * Battery loading booster (fast loading of AGM battery to 100% by motor) Camper * Two lengthwise beds, room for a 3rd person in the middle * Room for another person to sleep below * Dinette that may be converted to a lower child bed * Model 2016, the last with bathroom & faucet fully usable with no need to fold & lift all things around every time. * Winter insulation curtain (front windows & cockpit) * Elevated refrigerator * Two side windows in bedroom * Two roof windows * LED ambient illumination * Mosquito screens (windows/sliding door) Further * Registration 12/2016 * 28500 km (2850 mil) * Rear camera * Rear distance warning sensors * Air condition * Electric side mirrors (adjust/heat) * Two front airbags * Sliding door stopper * ABS * ESP * Radio * Tire pressure sensors * 120l diesel fuel tank We are currently located at Goslar, Germany, and have received a vaccination. With the documented business reason the corona regulations allow us to drive to, and from, Sweden (https://stockholm.diplo.de). Payment is probably best to do (online) as SEPA instant payment during handover after all is verified. The registration in Sweden is simple and inexpensive (Ursprungskontroll 1100 kr), and we can help you with it, e.g. with registering export license plates, here, if needed. We also have, and include, the manufacturer's "EU CoC" papers, to simplify the legal matters. And we have the official sales contract from the German Automobile Club (ADAC) that has an English translation. In case you were at our World Masters Orienteering Championships 2012 in Germany (https://www.wmoc2012.de), we have very likely already met.
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