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Mindbody Training Coaching in English

250 kr
This complete coaching process in MindBody Training® aims to address a whole challenge, ensuring that the Client resolves the root cause of his challenge (and the challenge itself), forever. The coaching cycle is usually focused on one area of the Client's life: family, relationships, career, health and well-being, personal development. However, and once these areas are interconnected, other areas may be included in the work plan. The complete coaching cycle will have the following phases: 1. Initiation At this stage, the Client's current status, values and beliefs, negative emotions and conflicts will be identified. Based on this, the status that the Customer wants to achieve is agreed, and SMART goals are established. In this process, the Coach will follow standardized and proven questionnaires to collect all the information necessary for planning the sessions. All the information that the Client wants to share at this stage is extremely relevant. 2. Turning This phase will turn the Client inside out, since all negative emotions, maladjusted values and limiting beliefs will be questioned and transformed into wonderful and sustained learnings. In this process, the Coach will accompany the Client to identify the root cause of these emotions, values and beliefs, and eliminate any negative charge. Internal and external conflicts will also be addressed. All the lessons learned by the Client will be useful for solving this challenge and others. 3. Reconstruction Once all negative charges and limitations are removed from the path and the turn is made, the Client will be prepared to find many other paths and solutions available for his life and his challenge. It is at this moment that the structure of a new future is built by the Client, with the support of creative and functional tools conducted by the Coach. New behaviors will be built so that they are later reinforced in the Assimilation phase. Customer delivery is, again, very important for the future built to be useful, sustained and sustainable. 4. Assimilation This phase will begin once the Client and the Coach recognize that the future and new behaviors are created, and that the Client now has all the conditions to assimilate them in his life, at the pace agreed by both. In this phase, the new behaviors, values, beliefs will be integrated and assimilated in the Client's life in a sustained and SMART way with the Coach's accompaniment. At the moment, the client has all the tools to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of this commitment. First 30 min introductory and planning session is 250 SEK. Included in the process is meditation, mindfulness and stress release techniques. *During COVID remote sessions apply for the whole Sweden.
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