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Inlagd: 15 jan. 17:22
Senz STD49W15 (Table Dishwasher)
800 kr
I am selling my "new" Senz Dishwasher because I don't have room for it in my kitchen. It has never been used, since I got it in December 2018 and I don't have the original box for it anymore. But all original parts and manuals follows the dishwasher in a future sale. Be aware, that the dishwasher was bought with cosmetic damage (see the last picture). It should not affect the function of the unit, but I have not tested it either. New price in 2018 was 2500 SEK. I am willing to sell it for 800 SEK because of cosmetic damage and because it has been stored without use for over a year. You can find specifications here: https://www.power.se/vitvaror/diskmaskiner/alla-diskmaskiner/senz-std49w15-diskmaskin/p-249690/ If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
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Thomas Nissen
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