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Hughes Performance Fuel Miser Torque Converter 1966-91 Ford C6.
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Fuel Miser Torque Converter
1966-91 Ford C6 w/351, 400 & 460 Engines
12" Diameter
1.375" Pilot

Hughes Fuel Miser Torque Converters are specially designed to be more fuel efficient. And reduce the amount of torque converter slippage by 25%-30%, effectively increasing your fuel economy by 2-4 miles per gallon (depending on how much lead is in your foot).
Using Hughes Performance Fuel Miser Torque Converters, your transmission will run with less friction, reducing operating temperatures and minimizing heat build-up.
Made in the U.S.A.

1000-1200 stall depending on application
Reduce torque converter slippage and increase fuel mileage
Run transmission with less friction and lower temperatures

Hardware Included: No
Transmission Mfr: Ford
Converter Lockup: N
Transmission Mfr. Code: C6
Converter Hub Diameter (in): 1.997
Converter Input Spline: 31
Converter Mount Type: 4 STUD
Converter Pilot Diameter (in): 1.375
Converter Total Height (in): 5.875
Flexplate Bolt Circle (in): 11.50
Anti-Ballooning Plate: No
Balanced: Yes
Crank Pilot Diameter (in.): 1.375
Furnace-Brazed: Yes
Lockup: No
Quantity: Sold individually
Manufacturer's Part Number: F43Fuel

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