Jackor & ytterplagg, stl. 52 (L), herr
Wish to change to a different brand now. This is a thick jacket. Can survive through Swedish winter.

Jeanswest winter jacket with feather fill in. Cream-coloured. Perfect condition.

Large size.
500 kr

Jackor & ytterplagg, stl. 52 (L), herr
Hunt winter coat; goose feather; large -- 350kr

Hunt with old style. Good condition.

Pure goose feather filled. Perfect for the winter. Large size. -- 500kr

Original price: 3000kr.
500 kr

Jackor & ytterplagg, stl. 52 (L), herr
Nike winter jakcet. With feather fill in. Perfect to survive through Swedish winter.
300 kr

Jackor & ytterplagg, stl. 54 (L), herr
Adidas insulated running jacket. with phone holder. The plastic was a bit broken. So sell this really cheap.
150 kr

Jackor & ytterplagg, stl. 52 (L), herr
Levi's Zip Trucker Jacket - DAVIDSON - Large

Now, clear up my closet. This jacket only wears a couple of times. Nearly complete new. I don't need it. So sell.

It's Levi's Truckers Jackets. With color Mayze, XL size. Original price: 1299kr.
500 kr


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