4 trådlösa 50-kanals PRO mikrofoner, extrem ljudkvalitet 60Hz - 18.000Hz. 19" rackmottagare. 8 stora tydliga displayer visar kanal, frekvens, ljudstyrka, radiostyrka. IR-styr kanalval. CPU-kontroll. PLL. På Köpet: Heavy duty aluminiumcase, formgjuten skum inuti håller allt på plats, värde 995kr! Finns med 8-mik: 4 headset 4 myggor, se till höger samt extrabilder.


4x 50-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone Set with 4 handheld microphones

This impressive sounding UHF 4 microphone wireless system allows you to operate 4 microphones at the same time. Each microphone is colour coded allowing for quick microphone identification making the job of your sound man to make adjustments while the mics are being used on stage super easy. Excellent sound quality for vocal and PA applications.
4x Handheld microphones with mute function
4x 50 Selectable non-interfered UHF channels
IR data transmission for channel selection
4x balanced XLR outputs
CPU controlled
PLL oscillator
Transmitters with display showing the frequency and battery low indication
Equipped with Dynamic LCD
Supplied in aluminium carrying case

Operating frequency 826.300 - 831.200 / 863.000 - 865.000
RF output < 10mW
60Hz - 18kHz
Frequency stability < 15ppm
THD < 1%
Battery 2x AA (handheld)
100-230V 50Hz
Receiver 235 x 420 x 44mm
Microphone 250 x ø 51mm
Receiver 1700gr
Microphone 400gr

Hög kvalitet. Proffsprodukt.

Delbetala från 200:-/månad eller ett år räntefritt



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