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Very unique mobile app for the restaurant industry

200 000 kr
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Due to lack of time, inexperience in the industry, and urgent financial needs, we have decided to sell the idea and the mobile app (FreeQuenter) that we have been developing for last 14 months. The solution FreeQuenter provides to restaurants & cafes is completely unique in Europe and the idea has very high chances to raise funds from venture capital firms (we have received interest from some but could not catch the traction needed). FreeQuenter enable restaurants create loyalty programs for their customers simply via our merchant app, and customers collect their loyalty points by scanning their receipts via our customer app. Our scanning solution removes the traditional hassle of physical interaction between the merchant and the customer, and customers receive their points corresponding to the amount that is paid. The scanning solution is powered by machine learning and the customer's point collection transaction is completed in around 3 seconds. The merchant does not need to put any daily effort to administer the program. We currently work with 5 restaurants and they are very happy with the app's performance. FreeQuenter has very high profit margin, very scalable and can replace traditional punch cards employed by pizzerias and cafes. The competition is very low, the market is very big and the solution is, as I mentioned before, completely unique. If you are interested, we are happy to provide FreeQuenter's soft pitch deck in case of request. Then we can meet in one of our member restaurants to discuss it further. We have spent over 3000 hours polishing the idea and the app and we will be very happy to see it in good hands. Software support for 1 month can be provided after the purchase. We are open to negotiate the price. If you want to learn more, visit our website and download the app: https://www.freequenter.se/
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