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Claude Meylan Lac Black DLC Red Hand

29 900 kr
Claude Meylan, Master of skeletonized watches, is offering a wide assortment of automatic and hand-wound watches, all swiss made. This Lac 6144-MR has been selected to be one of our favorite watches for its rock and stylish design! It can be also set up on a black leather strap with red stitches. Movement: Black 16 "UT 6497 Stainless steel case black PVD-coating Mate finishing Size: 42 mm Hand winding Power reserve: 42 hours Crystal back Sapphire front crystal 3 atm-water resistant Red hands Black leather strap with red side
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The purpose of Showroom W is to offer a wonderful experience into the fascinating universe of watchmakers and time designers. Showroom W aims to promote the excellence of Haute Horlogerie, extraordinary time objects and disruptive or controversial designs. We aim also to help the small and independent watch brands which have developed a complicated savoir-faire, exceptional mechanical mouvements, unique and expressive design, to be more known and seen. In Showroom W, you won't find any mass-produced brands, any fashion brands, any items made for mass consumers but only the exceptional ones.
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