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3d print on demand
* Best way to place your order or ask a questions is via my website: https://printmaker3d.com/contact/ * I want to help private people or companies who do not have a 3D printer, to print objects of their interest. 3D printing technology is the best solution to manufacture: - Prototypes and custom parts, - Replacement parts, - Marketing materials, - Productivity, art or personalized objects. I offer FDM / FFF (extrusion) and SLA (laser) printing. My pricing is simple and transparent: Price = Start Price + Material Cost Start Price: 35 SEK - Normal quality (0.2mm layers) 75 SEK - Optimal quality (0.15mm layers) 100 SEK - Very high quality (0.1mm layers or laser print) Material cost: 1.5 SEK per gram (PLA) 2.5 SEK per gram (PETG, ABS - stronger plastic) 3.5 SEK per gram (Resin for laser print) ORDERING To order, please complete contact form on my website: https://printmaker3d.com/contact/ You can put there all necessary details and upload your files or projects to be printed. In return you will get print quote and when accepted by you, printing will start. For high value orders I may ask 20% of down payment, before I will start print. Orders are printed within 2-3 working days. When the print is completed, I will send you a notification and a photos of the finished print. Only after you are asked to pay the price and the print will be shipped to you. For orders above 500 SEK I offer free delivery to Nordic countries. You could also pick up the print in person if you are near the Enebyberg (182 47). As payment method I accept Swish, Paypal and payment cards (via Paypal) For more information you can visit my website https://printmaker3d.com Matt
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