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HEAVENLY stay at Casa Mãe in Lagos, Portugal

9 000 kr
I'm selling a voucher, valid all the way until 12/2021, equivalent to a stay for a week (at the time of purchase) at the AMAZING
Casa Mãe in Lagos, Portugal. Check it out: https://casa-mae.com

 Voucher value: 1170 Euros I'll give you 200 EUROS OFF for you to use for flight tickets. 

 Another 70 EUROS OFF for you to celebrate with champagne. Let's make that 9000 kr even for your convenience. If relevant: We've decided to pass on this trip for the foreseeable due to extensive business commitments. I'll hand you the code and inform the hotel management of our exchange. They arrange transfers from Faro airport. For our mutual convenience, let's roll with e-mail as our primary means of communication - as I'm working odd hours at the moment. You are welcome to write me in Swedish, of course. If you're a fan of snorkelling and diving, I can also direct you to a warmly recommended local guide for underwater exploration.
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