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Inlagd: 27 nov. 13:47
BIG GRIP Ladders Stabiliser
400 kr
BIG GRIP Ladders Stabiliser/ Stege Stabilisator. Ny. Finns i Halmstad. har Swish. Max Load 175KG. Finns i Halmstad. har Swish. Big Grip can be used on level ground to help prevent outward slip of ladder base with its large, grippy footprint area of over 480sq inches ( 24ins long x 20ins wide). Can be used on sloping ground (uphill or downhill, up to 1 in 3). Pivoting adjuster enables ladder footplate to remain level on ground which is up to 8" lower at one end than the other. Integral quick-release strap enables ladder to be secured in the footplate. Essential on any surface & eliminates the need for "second-man footing". Adjustable height tray accepts ladders up to a maximum overall dimension of 130mm x 485mm.
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