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Scalextric American Police Chase Set. C1405P You've been working on your Challenger all afternoon under the shade tree on a hot summer day. The final turn of the wrench and you're done... You turn the key and the engine rumbles to life. A few minutes later and you're heading downtown for some light-to-light racing. Slowly rolling down Main Street and that Mustang you've been hoping to see pulls alongside you and pops the throttle. His tires chirp as he looks across at you with that sneering grin you want to wipe from his face. A quick stab on the gas and boiling smoke rolls off your rear tires. But what was that!?! Out of the corner of your eye you see a flash of blue and you hear the howl of the police siren! A quick left and right and left again and you're headed out of town with the local deputy on your back bumper! Time to think fast, can you get away? AMC Javelin Police Car v Dodge Challenger Two Super Resistant 1/32 slot cars. Working Siren and Roof Light The AMC Javelin Police Car features flashing siren and sound. Stunt Ramp Dual lane leap ramp with yellow chevrons and landing ramp to ensure you can stay on the road. Cross Roads Dual lane crossover with yellow chevrons for the opportunity to knock your opponent off the road. Side Swipes 2 straight hairpin track pieces to knock your opponent off the road. Crash Barriers & Borders Outer curve and lead out barriers and borders. Adjustable Hand Controllers Comfortable and lightweight hand controllers with power level control. Set Contents 1x AMC Javelin Police Car 1x Dodge Challenger 1x Scalextric track 2x Chicane tracks 1x Ramp 1x Scalextric powerbase 2x Wired hand controllers 1x 15v transformer Tech Specs Analogue 1/32 scale Track Length: 532cm Space Required: 210cm x 140cm Scalextric Standard Sets The standard for slot racing around the world High performance track Upgrade options to Digital & App Race Control (ARC) The standard (analogue) Scalextric sets offers the simplest way into the exciting world of slot car racing. Each Scalextric set contains track, power and of course, perfectly matched cars. Each set is easy to extend with the huge range of Scalextric track, Vi har även massa andra Scalextric Bilbanor delar och Bilar kolla in vår web butik www.dnbilradio.se eller klicka på länken här i annonsen Normalpris 2495kr
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