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Klassisk glas räcken monterat från toppen
450 kr
Hej, Vårt företag säljer högsta kvalitet klassisk glas stängsel / glasräcke monterat från toppen - BRA PRIS (INKL. MOMS) !!! Our company offers classic style glass fence mounted from the top. Nowadays, classic style glass fence mounted from the top of the floor is very popular. It suits for all types: modern or classic buildings, for interior and exterior. Also, it is easy to install, when following our detailed manufacturing drawings. The type of the glass we offer is always safe - 6, 8, 10mm thick. It depends on a glass fence type. Tinted, laminated glass, mirror type - all depends on Your wishes. Steel handrails, connectors, stenders. You can choose of many types as well: round or quadrangle, with top handrail or without. The steel we offer is 304 - standard, or 316 - extra antirust, usually popular on a sea side. To calculate the exact glass fence price, we need to know: 1. Style of a glass fence (You can choose it from our gallery) 2. Drawing from the top (it can be simple, made by hand, where we can see corners and measurements) 3. Write Your location, please (if needed - to calculate the delivery fee) Get the highest quality production for a very good price! We can also offer a variety glass fence types and many other production made of glass. We can offer FREE DELIVERY to: STOCKHOLM, ARBOGA, OREBRO, KARLSTAD, ARJANG and many areas in Norway as well. Delivery to other places costs additional. -----We are always looking for a serious business partners in Sweden----- SHOP ONLINE CHEAPER! - www.jonasvinduer.com Please, visit our Facebook and Web page to check out all production: Facebook: JONAS VINDUER Web pages: www.rekkverkterrasse.no Other production: www.jonasvinduer.com, www.vinduerfortak.no Mobile: +370 618 18 619, +370 618 25 199 Telefon: +46 152 745 811 Telefon: +47 52 97 28 01 Tack
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PVC windows: -any color code and size! -with a "spross" / without -inward/top/side full opening, microventilation -2 or 3 layers of glass BUY ON E-SHOP CHEAPER! - www.jonasvinduer.com We PRODUCE: *PVC/wooden/ALU windows *SCHUCO/Reynaers ALU windows, doors, sliding doors *Glass fence, glass roof, glass partitions *VELUX roof windows *Garage doors *Wintergarden system Our CONTACTS: E-SHOP: www.jonasvinduer.com FB: Jonas Vinduer email: windows@jonasvinduer.com email (ALU): alu@jonasvinduer.com email (glass): kostas@jonasvinduer.com Mob: +37065506639, +37061818619 Telf: +4752972801
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